Your Body Is A Damn Gift

As a female identifying individual in the age of social media it has become nearly impossible to look at yourself without a magnifying glass. We pick and critique ourselves in order to create this illusion of what we deem to be �perfect� to our followers. Through this filtration system we�ve created a hierarchy of influencers and celebrities a lot of times solely based on how they portray themselves through social media. This becomes the basis of who we continue to compare ourselves to and formulates a beauty standard that we feel like we need to reach. There is a layer of ourselves behind the screen that we fail to be proud of and embrace. Through this coloring book I wanted women who are struggling with their body image to be able to reflect on what makes them beautiful. I wanted to make something that allows them to realize that their body is a damn gift.



Grace Nass

Grace Nass is a designer who loves to try new creative practices with purpose. Being heavily inspired by topics like body positivity, mental health, and sustainability, she loves to be able to merge these forces with new and upcoming trends in many different forms. Outside of illustration, she works heavily in the accessory design world while also freelancing in social media and branding.