The Woods Are Lovely

2020 will be historically remembered by the collective generations who grew through it. Not only are we learning how to live through the Covid pandemic, but there's also another invisible mental health ‘pandemic’ that has been bubbling under the surface and increased significantly due to its catalyst, Covid-19. GenZ/Millennials are more outspoken, powerful, and resilient than any other generation, but they’re also depressed and anxious. There's a serious mental health crisis affecting the younger generations, and change needs to happen in lowering stigma, putting policies in place to help people get affordable access to care, and finding ways to place empathy at the forefront of human interactions. My aim for this project is to raise funds for the Mental Health Coalition to help destigmatize mental health. By partnering with a small vintage shop on instagram, I use my own mental health healing to create colorful the dyes garments with natural dye. My project brings together collaboration, sustainability in fashion and helps pave the way for a brighter future for everyone.



Nina Chapman

My name in Nina Chapman, I'm an artist and design thinker who focuses on sustainability within the fashion industry. My background is in fine art, social media and entrepreneurship. I've lived in Ohio and Abu Dhabi, allowing me to have a diverse background that opened my eyes to how people live all around the world. My focuses have been around community and collaboration to help grow the sustainable creative culture within society.