What is nostalgia, and how does one create it, experience it, and address it? Nostalgia is often experienced through the viewing of visual reminders: television shows, family photograph albums, the heirlooms collecting dust on the shelves. Many experience nostalgia through items from their childhood: ones they see at antique stores, online or in the houses of their families. At some point in most people’s lives, they will find themselves collecting nostalgic items, from coins produced in certain years, to hotel soaps of places they’ve stayed. Physical objects that are collected in quantity and that have been kept for many years can have seriously stimulating effects on the minds and memories of the elderly, those who are constantly looking for ways to reconnect with their youth and the experiences that shaped them.



Emma Barbee

My name is Emma Barbee and I am a graphic designer and photographer who aims to capture and reframe the world as we know it. Throughout my work for others I have discovered my purpose as an artist and designer and my responsibility to produce designs and art that can educate and give a voice to the inspirations that made my projects possible. After working and creating through unprecedented times, it is even more apparent now how much the world needs and strives for unity, and therefore I believe art is one of the greatest tools for connection.