THE COLLECTIVE™ is a 3D social network platform under development, which emerged from the research of creating a facilitator embracing the change of creative dynamics, skills, and practices, led by our current dual-existence amplified by Covid-19. The universe of THE COLLECTIVE™ is a landscape for free self-representation, and the engagement of creators, industry professionals and in-between hybrids building on the impulses of the users' content creations and connections. A collective of creative intellectual playgrounds for human-to-human interactions in a cloud sphere, in which artistic expressions become realised in visual and tangible representations.The platform explores the vision of sharing progress of creation, fields of engagement, and portfolio pieces in a circular timeline. THE COLLECTIVE™ is built on a holistic lens, in which accessibility, engagement, and transparency is key to discovering the best connections for each new creative adventure. The platform will accommodate individual practices in a collective sense, as one being interdependent on the collective to find where peers, human skills, knowledge and resources are housed, by curiously seeking the input of contribution to our developments and research. What if we humans are dwelling libraries containing resources represented in forms, colors, lines, textures and replicated in circular exchanges of feedback, interactions and  interconnection. A community for the explorer that co-exists undependable from its geolocation but dependent on its connections in THE COLLECTIVE™.



Helene von Obelitz

Helene Liebst von Obelitz is a scandi-born Integrated Designer and artist driven by her curiosity and interest in change, exploration, sustainability, circularity and feel-opsophy. She strives to express her concerns relevant to society-in-the-future-making through her holistic and hyperlocal designs and artworks often revolving around the merging of dialogues in her surrounding environment.

“I, Helene, find that by unity, dependency and exchange we, despite cultural, social and the in-between plural-intersection, can solve problems across industries together by critical opportunity-ism.”. - Artist statement of 2021.