Open Format

Open Format is a new community built, design niched virtual library. Libraries are important tools for designers, reading is a critical practice for expansion of thought and new perspective. As designers we gain deep insights through reading to build our powers of mind and we practice making things to build our technical skills. Very often we are collectors of tools, material, and books. These collections are our libraries, they are a mirror of our process and innovations. In our lives we experience many types of libraries that become a part of our tool belts; the public, private, personal, digital, and unconventional. These spaces of deep innovation are incredibly unique and impactful to our process. Currently libraries are transformative cultural resource centers but they do not evolve with the community or niche well. This space takes the elements of design spaces we know well and integrates them into a new type of social community, solving this problem. At Open Format our shelves organize resources recommended by a global peer to peer network of designers that use reading as a tool to enhance their practice. Here you will find a collection of the greatest books, films, magazines, & archives to gain new insights from in your creative journey.



Devin Alvarez

My name is Devin Alvarez, I am an integrated Designer. My design work is centered around the elements of graphic design and interactive display. I create identity systems, posters, print & typography layouts, illustrations & web graphics. The style of this design work is often constructivist & modern. The process begins with paints, markers and pencils. Textures/Images/Sketches are uploaded into a software and refined. My design work looks to build resource bridges. It often supports businesses that do this work with their  product or services. My goals for this work is that it stands the test of time. I create tangible solutions to everyday problems and design objectively, simply, and precisely. I enjoy the process and products of my design practice. The work I create can be found at TheAlvarez.Studio