Old Mole Press/Old Mole Gallery

The world of academic publishing is full of financial and political agendas that bar radical works from being made available to the public in their unfiltered form. To solve this problem, Old Mole Press was founded on the principle that only the creator of a work should be allowed to decide how that work is published. Old Mole Press is a non-profit organization that puts the power of publishing directly into the hands of creators who have, until now, been silenced by the cost infectivity of sharing knowledge. In line with its core mission of opening up academic publishing to everyone, Old Mole Press is committed to always maintaining an open submission policy.

Old Mole Gallery is the gallery art division of Old Mole Press. The gallery exhibits a diverse arrangement of artists spread across all mediums, focusing on artworks that demonstrate technical expertise and original thinking and that bring established notions about art into question. It is the gallery by artists for artists, placing a special emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration.

In addition to valuing aesthetic and intellectual excellence, Old Mole Gallery also supports artists who are attuned to ethical values and are committed to the freedom of the oppressed. The gallery holds that the emancipatory struggle of each age is expressed most clearly by the work of its artists: the freedoms of tomorrow are first conceived in the artworks of today.



Maia de Bourcier

I am a philosopher, poet and artist specialising in aesthetics, particularly aesthetic applications of theodicy and the self. I work in words, painting and textiles.