Maya's Adventure

There are important conversations going on about racism, colorism and inclusion. Despite the surge of activities attempting to address these issues, strong underlying biases and perceptions still persist. The stereotypes people hold don’t seem to change over time. Moreover, these ideologies are being passed on to their children, shaping their views and values. This results in an inescapable cycle of such beliefs. Colorism is one issue that is prevalent not only in the US but also in third world countries such as Nepal. The South Asian population in particular heavily relies on sharing the same values and perspectives. Why should one be treated better if they have fairer skin? Why is this a universal belief? These thoughts not only need to be questioned but also actually changed. Our future relies on children, on young minds that are still malleable. There is a critical need to reach out to the young child who is yet to be influenced by any family and community perceptions, and unconscious biases. Through the creation of this board game, South Asian kids living all around the world will be taught to question these passed on colorist biases. Through positive reinforcement and a game that focuses on love for all, these kids will learn to love themselves and those around them. Values such as teamwork, cooperation and inclusivity will be the basis of this non-competitive game. Kids will have the opportunity to change any preconceived biases they may hold previously. The aim of this project is to change the narrative and biases around colorism held by South Asian communities around the world.



Yashwini Krishnan

Yashwini Krishnan is a designer and a visual storyteller from Nepal who focuses on designing for a social change. Her work centers social issues that either need to be discussed about or portrayed more often. Typically, centering issues that are prevalent in South Asia and situations that surround a woman of color in the United States. Her focus relies more on storytelling and the message rather than the medium. She aims to educate, inform, highlight, empower, unify and evoke one's desire to help. Her main goal is to raise awareness and uplift the voices that are less heard. Sexual assault, colorism and appropriation are some issues she is passionate about.