Drawing as a Vehicle of Thought



Laetitia Ortiz

My name is Laetitia. I will be graduating from the Integrated Design program at Parsons in May 2021. My passions include design, drawing and writing. Transferring my illustrations to textiles, decorative objects, and wallpapers is something I would like to pursue. When COVID-19 hit NYC, I stayed as I didn’t want to abandon a city that had given me so much. To me, NYC had always been a stage where all sorts of actors came together to perform. Seeing them going backstage and running to the exit doors was extremely strange but never did I feel like following them. Eventually, I got used to having the stage to myself and my walking buddy. We walked everywhere and discovered its hidden beauties. The atmosphere quickly changed as the BLM started to rise. Peaceful protesters joined the stage while some criminals took advantage of the situation by breaking storefronts. NYC had turned into a messy music box: vocal harmonies were interrupted by the sound of crying ambulances, the floor was covered in glass and our walls were wooden.… this little paragraph just to emphasize on the fact that NYC has contributed a lot to who I am today.I hope that you enjoyed the escape.Lots of love, drawings and words, Laetitia