Critical Engagement

Critical Engagement is a digital conversation card game that seeks to help couples who are considering life partnership to assess their life path compatibility. By creating an open dialogue about each individual’s long-term desires and deal-breakers, couples can learn how their partner will face the challenges of life partnership or marriage. Critical Engagement operates intending to honor each couples’ intuition and decision making. It doesn’t tell couples that their relationship will work but provocatively asks them if they think it will.



Grace Nau

Grace Nau is a multidisciplinary designer fascinated with romantic relationships, how they are formed, and how they make us behave. She believes that the euphorias of life-partnerships are overwhelmingly represented in mass media, often leaving couples naive to long-term commitment complications. Grace’s goal with Critical Engagement is to open up meaningful conversations that help couples discern if and how they want to participate in romantic life partnerships.