I often sit in the afterglow of the auburn sunset, closing my eyes to the day’s distractions and observing inwardly the day’s events. The one question that seems to float to the forefront is: what makes me ME? What makes up my identity? How much control do I have over it? How much control SHOULD I have? I live my life exploring the multitude of pathways to answer these questions. But the one thing I do know for sure is, my identity is for me to claim, to take control of, and it is the core essence that gives me the agency to make decisions based on my principles of thought, deliberation, and kindness. This project “Claim” examines pivotal memories of my past 23 years via artifacts, anecdotal quotes, and introspective poetry. Through the therapeutic process of recalling and metastasizing memories of childhood, friendships, cultural integration and assimilation, romance, and partnership, I begin to recognize parts of myself that have long been suppressed to cope with pain and anguish. I bring them forth today and reclaim them as an integral part of me. Whatever transpired, I synthesized the good so that I can experience joy deeply; I extrapolated the bad so that I may heal and move on. I claim my identity, and this is me.



Flaura Xia

I am an interdisciplinary artist who synthesizes creative writing, philosophy and painting into works that raise critical questions about the self, community and identity. I seek answers in the therapeutic process of creation and aim to impart such inspirations onto my communities.