Bronte Bronte Bronte

Warmth and peaceful this morning – I often ask Bronte, pretty please, could you remain the way you are, right here right now, and never change one bit? Here comes the regular swimmers, rushing to the soft salty water for the first dip. There goes the surfer, jumping off the edge, paddling to the sun. There is the brown brick bath house and surf life saving club, remaining its original shape from 1950s. Will all of you still be here the next time when I return? Will you?This project is about nostalgia and change. We all have a place that is dear to our heart, filled up with endless precious moments. Bronte is such a place for me – too many sunrises, too many emotions and too many memories. Yet, it, at some point, will encounter changes. Before that happens, we tend to hold on to the present state and deny any changes coming our way. The project hopes to encourage people to investigate the relationship between past, present and future. Meanwhile, it hopes to utilise this platform to present the magnificent Australian coast and identify the underlying issues relating to climate change.



Vicki Liang

Simply, my work evolves around people and things. It is the rawness and spontaneity that I craved and that my work shall reflect. It is the little moments that I would like to be remembering in the future times. Now that we are entering an era that is constantly stimulating, I hope my work can inspire to appreciate the moments, people and things that are surrounding us. Whatever medium my work may be in: a photograph, a film, a drawing, or a combination of all, I can only hope that it will spark the nostalgic sensation in you, perhaps.