Beauty in The Age of Social Media

We are living in a time where social media is our common source of visual inspiration and the place we go to showcase what we want other people to believe our lives look like. Many of the Instagram feeds that we see are carefully curated representations of one's life, leaving out the aspects of life that we don't intend to share with the world. This coffee table book will serve as a photo essay showing the nuanced version we all see when we open Instagram.



Paulo Cruz

My name is Paulo Cruz. I’m 22 years old and I’m a Senior majoring in Integrated Design with a focus in Fashion Communication at Parsons School of Design. I grew up in Miami Beach, Florida where I was constantly surrounded by culture and the arts. I’ve always been drawn to a very minimal aesthetic - blacks, whites, creams, among other neutral tones are part of my everyday color palette which inspire my artistic and creative endeavors. New York City has become my inspiration; the constant energy that drives the city fuels me to be the most transparent artist I can be. I am incredibly inspired by the world of interior design, fashion styling, creative direction and contemporary art. I intend to follow my passion for the arts, interior design as well as fashion from a more curatorial standpoint post graduation. Furthermore, my goal has always been to be passionate, honest and true to myself… completely unafraid to evolve in whichever way my path in life takes me.