Be Baaghi

Be Baaghi translates roughly to "Be Rebellious" and is a term of encouragement that this project offers to the Pakistani Womxn who find their way to it. Be Baaghi speaks directly to the female community in Pakistan, encouraging them to be brave and rebel against the oppressive nature of the patriarchy that has negatively affected their quality of life. On this platform, I speak to oppressed womxn and learn about their unique stories and perspectives. I then tell their stories anonymously by creating a custom graphic illustration and adding their story to the caption. While this is not only cathartic to the storyteller who otherwise would not have been able to talk to anyone about the issues they face, it is also reassuring to the countless womxn reading the post, as they have in most cases experienced something similar. This builds community and encourages womxn to break the silence and support those who do. This platform is also a collaborative space where other Instagram accounts can share knowledge with the community built on Be Baaghi. Building Be Baaghi to be not only a cathartic environment but also an educational and resourceful one has only been possible through the help of this powerful community. Serving this community is the main goal of the platform and always will be.



Laiqa Mannan

Laiqa Mannan is a multidisciplinary designer and artist passionate about social justice issues, mainly but not limited to gender inequality. Growing up in Karachi, Pakistan, she quickly saw how womxn in her country were oppressed on a daily basis. She now focuses on using her privilege to help raise the quality of life for womxn in Pakistan by fighting for their rights, confronting societal stigma, and much more.