An Intertwining of the East & West

“An Intertwining of the East and West” is a collection of mixed-media work that aims to translate experiences through visual content and dialogue in exploring the artistic influences between the East and the West. I wanted to create something that bridges both cultures through this project and tackle themes such as women’s triumphs, language and calligraphy, and playing with traditional vs. nontraditional contexts. This collaborative project also serves to bring a reflection upon the development of the arts in the Saudi Arabia that examines the nature of artmaking and identity in today’s globalized world, as well as the shift towards the dynamic and inspiring combination of both Eastern and Western art in one entity.



Ameera Moumina

Ameera Moumina is a creative who engages with the arts through her passion for design and multimedia projects, while seeking to continuously evolve her inspirations between the Eastern and Western worlds. Her background has allowed her to explore a range of interdisciplinary practices that have shaped her studio and media work that inquire collaborative ideations, visual storytelling and dynamic paintings.